Spellsong Index

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Hiding Song
Difficulty: 13 Maintenance Interval: 1 Minute
Effect: Barely more than a whisper, this song travels as far as the singer's shouts would, as if it were carried on the wind itself. Those listening to it could mistake it for the quiet of a starless evening. Only a Guile+Awareness or Magic+Awareness test with a TN of 20 reveals something amiss.

Within the radius of the song, shadows creep further out and footsteps are shushed by wind and silence. Those attempting to remain hidden find themselves in better conditions (a +2 bonus in addition to any modifiers they would normally have on Stealth and Legerdemain tests), and their tracks are covered up by the magic of the song.

Basic Song: Yes.

Quicksilver Song
Difficulty: 15 Maintenance Interval: Standard
Effect: This frantic intonation causes the world around it to change quickly. The world begins to loosen, with energy permeating every note working its way though objects and creatures and changing them.

Armor from all sources is decreased by 1 point. This is cumulative between sources (i.e. worn armor, shields, and character abilities are each reduced by one point).

Basic Song: Yes.

Valor Song
Difficulty: 10 Maintenance Interval: Standard
Effect: This lilting ballad evokes images of heroism and triumph. Fears are washed away and even the darkest corners seem lighter, though they are as opaque to observation as they were before.

Characters under the effect of Valor Song are not susceptible to fear effects or intimidation.

Basic Song: Yes.

Void Song
Difficulty: 18 Maintenance Interval: Standard
Effect: The song grows louder, becoming a gentle hum that seems to crowd out noise. The song's influence is now apparent to observers.

Within the radius of the song, the subtle shadows from the hiding song become overt and crawl over everything, shrouding the area in darkness. Those without the ability to see normally in magical darkness (ss'kth and devils are immune) suffer a -4 penalty to Awareness tests and all ranged attacks as the space around them seems to bend and distort and odd sounds and movements creep in.

Basic Song: No, Hiding Song required.

War Song
Difficulty: 13 Maintenance Interval: Standard
Effect: This rousing chant causes weapons and their users to quiver with anticipation. Loud and immediately apparent to those in its area, the song pushes normally peaceful people to violence.

Within the radius of the song, characters are considered to have a BAR 1 point lower than it would normally be.

Basic Song: Yes.