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Othenar is just one of three continents on the world of Omnoth, but it is where the largest civilizations of the world have sprung into being.


Othenar is a large continent, with Mount Othe in the mid-east serving as the central hub for trade and travel. The northern outlands of Othenar are largely flat and transition into an arctic sea home to thousands of small islands, many of which are connected via ice for much of the year.

To the east of Mount Othe the Domasht Mountains protect the Plains of Othe from the worst tempests that would roll in from the Othonic Sea.


In recent memory, Othenar has been a home to all of the mortal races of Omnoth. Following the Kithik Invasion, there has been a marked shift in migration away from the war-torn heartlands of Othenar, with refugees seeking shelter in the Domasht Mountains or even the Othe Ascent, in place of remaining in the now-desolate territories. The Three Kingdoms of Othe are still the major power players in the region, but they have lost much of their might and most of their armies fighting the Kithik menace.

See History of Othenar for more detail.

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