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What is Othenar? Othenar is a world where heroes and villains collide. It is a game that allows you to play a character limited only by imagination and flexible rules. The world of Othenar is one in which a variety of fantasy conventions come together. It is a place where magic comes together with mad science, where the gods are real and aliens are too. Despite the inclusion of fringe elements, however, the majority of the world of Othenar is based on classical fantasy; crypts and drakes and noble knights on white steeds are the norm, while gunslingers with rayguns make up the rear guard. The players take on the role of legendary heroes, villains, or something in-between. As a game, Othenar serves as rules to guide storytelling and add interest to narratives. They provide risk to balance out the story. Characters in the world of Othenar aren't locked into a single role, and the players take up the mantle of larger than life figures.

Game Mechanics

Othenar is a game that requires few dice. A full polyhedral set (four-sided die, six-sided die, eight-sided die, ten-sided dice, twelve-sided die, and twenty-sided die) per player should suffice, though dice can be shared in a pinch. Unlike some games, it is very rare to roll multiple dice of the same type at a time while playing Othenar. The basic premise of Othenar is that characters have four governing Traits: Charm, Guile, Physique, and Magic. Beyond this, characters get specializations in skills and various abilities as they are created or advanced during play. The basic action roll, used when a character attempts something that wouldn't be guaranteed for them, involves a central 20-sided die (the "Core Die"), a smaller die based on their appropriate Trait (the "Trait Die"), and a modifier from their applicable skill (the "Skill Modifier").


Othenar is heavily inspired by myth and legend, as well as a variety of fantasy conventions and tropes. The goal of Othenar is to have a joy of exploration and it surrounds players with the unknown. When playing in Othenar, don't feel too heavily constrained by the rules in this book.

There are a few things to note about the world, however. Othenar is a place of stasis as much as it is a place of change: the world of Othenar is modeled after ancient Greek mythology; there are places like an underworld, a realm for the gods, and unknown expanse beyond mortals' borders.

At the same time, Othenar is not the only world in its universe, though the focus on the world of Othenar means that core content will touch on only a handful of elements from outside worlds, like the Kithik. With powerful magic and poorly understood technology coming from minds touched with both brilliance and madness, anything is possible.

Using this Wiki

The Othenar wiki is set up on MediaWiki, which can be confusing and complicated but has a great guide (available from the Help section on the top bar). For Othenar wiki specifics, however, there are some details that can help newcomers adapt quickly to the format and templates used on the Othenar Wiki.


Othenar is a creation of Kyle Willey of Loreshaper Games.